Thoughts From The Flight Deck
TFTFD is a podcast about flying. Pilot/CFI Bill Duffy talks about flying and general aviation from the perspective of a pilot and Long Island, New York based flight instructor. The show is a mix of educational topics and hanger flying style chitchat.

Podcast 55 Thoughts from the Flight Deck

Your host is Pilot Bill, CFI,CFII

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Relatively Inexpensive flying Is Out There!

CFI Bill’s Thoughts on the pilot dropout rate.

1. Today’s generation is just not that in to flying.

2. We need a new Top Gun movie.

3. Part time instructors give good value for the money.

4. Sell the aviation industry.

5. Crosswind landing hint.

6. Looking for a flight instructor on long Island, NY- Bill Duffy -CFI, CFII

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